The main poster, which was printed both as a 3x4' vertical banner and as 11x17" posters.


I was Head Publicity Designer for Scotch'n'Soda Theatre's 2017 Carnival production of Heathers: The Musical, a two-act musical adaptation of the 1988 cult dark comedy film Heathers. As Publicity Designer, I collaborated with the Directors to establish a show brand and created and distributed 8.5x11" teaser posters, 11x17" main posters, t-shirts, programs, tickets, and social media content.


The Directors were keen on emphasizing the time period during which Heathers takes place. They wanted the show to be "dripping with 80s flair", and thus wanted the publicity to reflect that.  As such, I experimented with bright color palettes and custom 80s-esque patterns and motifs. The results were bright, 80s-inspired, aesthetically pleasing assets that branded the show as a hyper exaggerated celebration of not only Heathers, but of 80s visuals and atmospheres.


The front and backs of the tickets; I designed the front of the tickets to look like the tickets for a traditional high school event, like a football game or prom. The back of the tickets had custom 80s- and Heathers-inspired patterns on them that I designed myself, and each show was assigned a different pattern to allow for quick and easy visual recognition for ushers.

portfolio ticket 1.png

The Snapchat Filter I designed, which garnered 12.5k views on Snapchat: